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Gezhouba Gate II kicked off deep well pump maintenance projects

Published: 2013-09-29 09:54:27  Visited:

Recently, the Gezhouba Dam on the 2nd gate deep well pump repair project officially kicked off.

Gezhouba the 2nd gate deep well pump repair project is the 2014 Gezhouba the 2nd lock 22 projects planned overhaul of an item, the item will be in the non-suspended period of time for maintenance, in order to ensure the successful completion of the project, the Three Gorges Navigation Authority navigation Engineering Center leadership attaches great importance to the formation of specialized crack deployed project department, and in advance of large-scale machinery equipment and special tooling for the maintenance。

After entering the project department, in a safe, efficient for the construction principle of normative construction site management, rational division, were set up tool area - construction tools for accessing; dismantling area - for neatly emissions moving parts, so maintenance; construction site, the layout of the security perimeter warning signs and logos. 40 ton crane demolition pipes at the same time, construction workers dismantled zone while the parts carefully examined. Through the above measures, the Ministry of the project to strengthen the management of the construction site, creating a civilized construction environment, while improving the efficiency of construction, to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of maintenance projects.

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