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Lineshaft deep well pumps


  •  Feature

RJC Lineshaft deep well pumps are new generation and energy-saving equipment for lifting water. They are with advanced structure, for they adopting the core produced with the resin sand and the impeller& diffuser adopting the new technique that top coated with epoxy,advanced hydraulic model,excellent performance curve without hump and wide high efficiency range。The efficiency is 4-8% higher than that of JC or JD type deep well pumps in average,for they are use whirl sand not device and the maze-like structure which makes sand not able to enter the bearings。Shaft checked by flame method to ensure it’s in line。It’s a new generation pump design。


Capacity:≦5000 m³/h

Head  : ≦ 350m

Motor power: 5。5-1600kw

Rated Voltage:380V,6KV,10KV

Well Diameter:100-950mm

Max。Discharge Diameter:650mm


  •  Application

RJC Lineshaft deep well pumps is applied to the extraction of water from the normal temperature non-corrosive well water, widely used in hydro-power, thermal power plants, steel mills, fire, urban water supply and irrigation.


400-min suitable well diameter(mm)

RJC-lineshaft deep well pumps

450-rated capacity

30-head per stage

2-No of stage

RJC series deep well pumps are applied to lift normal temperature clean water without erosive for water power plant (in an overhaul and leakage),power plant(when reduce the temperature in the recyle ,and for domestic service),steel works(for scale pit),fire-fighting,,urban water supply by water plant and agriculture irrgation.

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