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QJB submersible agitators are able to be located at any position. They have the best efficiency. They are widely used in waste water treatment plants and industry process to agitate the suspended substances contained water, watery slurry, icy water, liquid from industry process, roast liquid, etc. They can be also used to create water flow in the tank, to open up water channel, to oxygenate fishing pound, to prevent pound form icing.


QJB agitator has the characteristic of compact structure, easy to install, simple to operate, easy to maintain, small power of the motor and low noises level.

QJB 15/4-790/3-340 C/S/P

众乐彩票QJB- Submersible agitator

15- Motor power

4- Pole number of the motor

790- diameter impeller

3- lamina 3

40- rated rotate speed

C/S/P- material

众乐彩票The agitators can be operated normally and continuously at the following conditions: 1。Altitude of up to 1000m; 2。Max medium temperature of up to 40℃; 3。Medium PH of between 5 and 9; 4。Liquid density of up to 1150kg/m3 5。Submersion depth of up to 20m; 6。Viscosity of up to 50cP in tank of volume between 1000 and 3000m3, viscosity of up to 1000cP in tank of volume between 500 and 700m3。


The agitator shall work entirely under water and shall not work in the ambient of explosion and fire hazardous area and corrosive gas or liquid.


The agitator power is decided on the volume, density and viscosity of the agitated liquid and agitating depth. Several agitator are used in large tank.

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