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Centrifugal Pump Works

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众乐彩票Centrifugal pumps work before the first pump is filled with liquid, and then start the pump, impeller speed rotating impeller blades driven rotating liquid, the liquid rotates rely on inertial flow to the outer edge of the impeller, the impeller from the suction chamber simultaneously sucked into the liquid, this process, the liquid flow around the impeller blades, the movement of the liquid flow around the role of a lift on the blade, and this in turn leaves with a lift equal and opposite force is applied to the liquid, the force acting on the liquid, get the energy to the liquid flow impeller, then the kinetic energy and pressure energy of liquid were increased。

Rotating impeller centrifugal pump relies on the role of the original motive fluid mechanical energy transmitted to the liquid。 The role of the centrifugal pump liquid from the impeller inlet to the outlet of the process, the speed can be increased and the pressure to have been discharged from the impeller through the pressure of the liquid chamber, most of the velocity energy into pressure energy, and along the discharge line conveying out, this time, the impeller inlet and the discharge of liquid due to a vacuum or low pressure, the liquid level of the liquid in the pool water pressure (atmospheric pressure) under the action of the impeller is pressed into the inlet, then, the rotating impeller on a continuous to suction and discharge the liquid。

Centrifugal ordering:

众乐彩票One, ① centrifugal product name and model ② ③ centrifugal pump head diameter (m) ④ pump motor power (KW) ⑥ pump speed (r / min) ⑦ ⑧ centrifugal pump voltage [V] Suction (m) ⑨ centrifugal pump with an attachment so that we can correct for your selection.

Second, if the design unit has been selected by the company's centrifugal pump models, press pump model directly to AA Pumps Sales Order

Third, when the occasion is very important or the environment is more complex when you try to provide design drawings and detailed parameters, AA Pumps by our technical experts audit checks for you. Thank you for visiting my website [AA Zhibeng] If you have any questions you can call us and we will try our best to provide you with quality services.

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