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Energy-saving pumps and pump systems

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Pump energy has caused great attention of people at home and abroad 。 First , a large number of production pump 。 Secondly , the pump should be in all sectors of industry and agriculture , such as agricultural irrigation pumps , urban water supply pump , petroleum, chemical pumps , etc。 。 The most common form of the pump is driven by a motor drive 。 Pump energy-saving method is to make the pump unit ( pump and prime mover rotating part ) to run at maximum efficiency , it consumes the external input power down to the lowest point 。 Pump energy to make comprehensive technology, which involves the pump itself energy conservation, energy efficiency and the use of management system operation and other

Aspects .

1 high-efficiency pump design

Loss of the pump itself can be divided into hydraulic losses , mechanical losses and volume losses. In the pump structure is chosen, the mechanical losses and volume can be considered

众乐彩票Loss is essentially the same , so the pump itself should focus on reducing energy pump hydraulic losses , it can be taken the following measures:

( 1 ) selection of excellent hydraulic model ;

( 2 ) the use of advanced hydraulic design methods ;

( 3) The conventional design method , CAD / CFD techniques , combining the three experimental methods and techniques designed using CFD pump performance prediction ;

( 4 ) reasonable selection of materials, increase the service life of wearing parts , improve pump reliability and life expectancy。

2 . The production of high efficiency pumps

众乐彩票A high- efficiency pump must be manufactured by a high level of technology to be guaranteed。 To ensure that the design of the pump performance , we must first improve the accuracy of manufactured parts casting factory should strive to improve the quality , to ensure that the size and shape of the accuracy of the correctness of the pump to find ways to polish flow channel to increase over flow section of the surface finish , thereby reducing the frictional resistance of the fluid 。 Second, to reduce the roughness of wetted parts to reduce pump hydraulic losses and improve efficiency of the pump 。 Reasonable choice parts of the material gaps , improve anti-seizure and wear resistance, appropriate to reduce the gap value , reduce volume loss 。

3 pump system energy

Comply with the applicable requirements of the correct selection of the pump each pump has a set of performance curves , corresponding to a flow value , you can find its corresponding head, power and efficiency values. We usually put a parameter corresponding to this group is called operating point , the corresponding maximum efficiency point is called optimal operating point of the pump flow - lift performance curve and the pipeline characteristic curve is called the intersection point of the operating condition of the pump . As the operating point of the flow and head changes, the characteristic curve of the pipeline at a given water head required in the piping system is basically the same. The actual use of the pump , the pump operating point and the best situation to be coincident or near-optimal operating point , so as to enable the pump to maintain high efficiency operation area, so as to achieve energy-saving purposes. Pump in the selection process through the department , the more the bigger safety margin to stay , not only caused great waste, some can not even work properly. Many efficient pump operating point away from the best position to run on energy consumption, low efficiency devices . Correctly determine the geometry of the pump mounting height is to ensure that working conditions in the design of pump cavitation is not an important condition . In practice , people only pay attention to flow, head, often overlooked pump cavitation performance . Some installers theoretical performance of the pump do not understand , will not and can not calculate the pump from the mounting height permitted only in accordance with past experience to determine pump installation height ; also installers that the greater the pump head , mounting height greater ; or due to losses on the suction piping system resistance underestimated medium temperature fluctuations underestimated inhalation liquid pool level changes estimated shortage and other reasons , making the pump is run under cavitation potential , resulting in damage to the pump faster, or cavitation , can not work. Therefore, the right to determine the geometry of the pump mounting height for energy saving is important.

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